Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break: 10 Discoveries for 10 Days

What I discovered while wasting massive amounts of time last week:

1. I am a size 0. I had been buying skirts at size two or four, and they all ended up too large in the waist. I went shopping and discovered that size zero at most stores fit me quite well. Unfortunately, I gained almost five pounds this week.

2. I am so incredibly lucky to go to the school I attend. I remember when I tested for one of the D.C. Metropolitan area’s premier private school for middle school. The process consisted of many placement tests, including a three-hundred dollar Wechsler IQ Test.

What I don’t remember is the competition to get in. Apparently, in New York City, San Francisco, and even D.C. private schools have great competition for admissions according to this article. I found this surprising primarily because I have friends that attend most of the D.C. Metropolitan area private high schools- from Georgetown Day to Georgetown Prep, National Cathedral to Madiera.

While I did apply to a couple, after I was admitted to my current high school, I no longer worried about getting in. I must admit that I have wondered quite a few times what it would be like to attend some of the schools, but I am pretty happy where I am.

3. College Humor is incredibly addicting to watch- especially Jake and Amir.

4. I cannot wait for the weather to be warmer! These are cherry blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial. (Photo via Flickr.)

5. My previous slight addiction to Gossip Girl is starting to wane. Since I’m generally too busy to catch the show on Monday night, I generally just read a summary and watch the Blair/Chuck clips at While I do miss some of the fashion by the other characters, it is enough for me. I had planned to watch all of the episodes over break, but I have decided not to despite all of the time I had this week. Nevertheless, I absolutely adore this outfit- the dress, the cardigan, the hair, the anchor necklace are all so fab!

Oh yes, and a spoiler pic. Doesn’t Blair look so much like Eliza in My Fair Lady? (My AP Latin class is currently translating Pygmalion.)

6. APs and SAT II’s are fast approaching. Oh dear! I set up a schedule for the next few weeks.

7. Due to my injury and lack of extensive physical exercise lately, it made my stomach sore to do more than 300 sit ups. Now, after ten days of 300 sit ups a day, my stomach seems to be well on it’s way to it’s previous ability to do 500 sit ups in one sitting without pain the next day.

8. I really like veggies.

9. I’m so short that what I thought was a dress turned out to be a shirt. While my parents were searching for some kitchen appliance, I found this shirt at Target. Even with heels, the shirt/dress doesn’t even seem that short on me.

I also saw this darling seersucker dress. Unfortunately there was only a size eight left :(

10. I am slightly in love with Oscar de la Renta. (But this isn’t much of a new discovery.)

I adore the 1950s-esque silhouettes.

P. S. I have started using gmail. My email is

P. P. S. Happy Easter/ Passover!


lisa said...

Happy Easter to you too! I really enjoyed this list. The cherry blossoms in Vancouver are already in bloom--I had a chance to enjoy them yesterday before it started raining.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Happy Happy Easter!

I too adore 1950's-esque silhouettes. They're so charming and lovely.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i;ve always been in love with Oscar de la Renta :)

freeTEYme said...

Happy easter to you too! love Oscar dela Renta and his clothes. Wish I could afford them all =)

La Femme Chic said...

Oh, Oscar and his '50s silhouettes. You can't help but love it.

Preppy 101 said...

Happy Easter LBP!! Hope you have enjoyed your vacay days!! xoxo

hrh_cesc said...

Re: #9, being short totally rocks! I always buy over-sized tops and jazz them up into mini dresses.
Great blog LBP, keep doing what you're doing.

PS: Thanx for the comments.

Emma said...

Happy Easter! I am definitely NOT a size 0 but I do love Oscar de la Renta...

Nicole Marie said...

wow i love everyone of those dresses...and really dislike you for being a size 0

Cynthia said...

The Oscar De La Renta designs are lovely!

I'm doing Pilates (our PE requirement - eek!) and I'm finding that ab strength builds really quickly! Unfortunately it also goes away quickly as well.

Good luck with SAT/AP busy-ness! My sister's doing APs as well.

Secretista said...

LOL at discovering the size 0. I'm over Gossip Girl and I have been for quite some time.

Couture Carrie said...

Veggies, seersucker, cherry blossoms, and fabulous dresses? I am in heaven, darling LBP!

Fabulous post!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Yes! I saw a mention of Cafe Fashionista on Couturture yesterday. I also saw you mentioned! Yay for being mentioned on one of my favorite websites on the very same day as one of my favorite bloggers - you!

Oh, and about the shirt/dress thing...I bought what I thought was a dress at Target not too long ago, only to recently discover that - alas - it's a shirt. :)

Emily said...

Jake and Amir are quite entertaining aren't they? I can't believe someone else knows about them!

Haha I am also a size 0 or 00 can be very frusterating can't it? Especially when you're almost 5'5! I actually wouldn't mind putting on a few pounds :P

Little Bow Prep said...

lisa: I didn’t get to see them in DC this year, but I’ve been so many times already. I’m glad you liked them!

Tina { Luphia Loves... }: It’s so easy to be!

freeTEYme Definitely!

La Femme Chic: Yes, most certainly agreed!

Preppy 101: You too! Spring Break was awesome!

hrh_cesc: Being short can have its advantages at times!

Emma: You too!

Nicole Marie: I need to get back on my diet stat. Otherwise I won’t be size zero for much longer!

Cynthia: I took Pilates when I was younger. Actually, it was this pilates/yoga/specialized conditioning class that was pretty awesome. I also took some other Pilates club at a center. I’m quite a fan.

Secretista: I think I would watch if Blair and Chuck were together :) I’m a tad obsessed.

Couture Carrie: Thanks!

Cafe Fashionista: Oh, you are too nice! I was quite excited! Your blog is quite lovely!

Emily: Oh, yes! They are hilarious! I’m only five two :(

thepreppyprincess said...

Good heavens Miss LBP, 500 sit-ups? 500?! Oh my word. I do hope you enjoyed yourself and rested a little bit on your break, you work so hard.

We share our love of Oscar, he really is heavenly!