Monday, July 30, 2012

Interior Design: Headboard

This August, I'm moving off campus. After a housing fiasco in April, and a delay to confirm on campus housing, I started looking for an apartment in June. Luckily there were apartments near campus that were still available to rent!

Now, as I approach moving to the next chapter of my life, in my own little studio I must figure out furniture, and bedding, and small interior decorations. One top priority wish list item is a headboard. I think it's a simple thing that can differentiate dorm-style living from apartment dwelling.

Some stunning prints:

And some classic, gorgeous tufted headboards:

So many of these are DIY, and I wish I had the ability (and the time and mobility to buy materials) to make one myself.  

Some awesome ideas DIYs:


As a student, who will likely leave New Haven in two years, I face questions of price and weight when selecting a headboard. This likely means I'll find a suitable, though not ideal, one. But which one is your dream headboard?


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